Dear Student:
Welcome to my Psychology 11 College Now Bronx Community College pages.
I am Dr. Dukagjin Binishi, and I’ll be your instructor for this course.In addition to welcoming you to the course, I would like to give you some helpful information and a few hints for successful completion of this course.

For many of you, this is your first experience with a blended course that consists of traditional classes and online workload. Even if you are an expert at it, remember that blended courses provide a different way to study and require a few different skills from you as the student.Remember to begin participating in the discussion forums the first day of the course.

Review the course instructions in your syllabus and course homepage in the Google Classroom.
Weekly participation is essential throughout the course to be successful in the class. Posting your introductions early will allow us to know more about you.

Thank you for your interest in this course. I have a great respect for psychology and I hope that through this course and our interactions, you will come to appreciate it as well.