Third Marking Period 12/03/07 – 01/21/2007


Aim:How detectives use science to solve crimes?
Do Now:Briefly discuss entomology, toxicology, meteorology, anthropology and computer science?
Homework:Highlight major developments in forensic lab. in the U.S.?


Aim: What do we know about Sir Conan Doyle?
Do Now:Answer questions about Edgar Allan Poe?
Homework:Was Sherlock Holmes a real person?
Vocabulary:art forgery,exclusion,impressions,imprint.


Aim: How does objects appear when viewed under a microscope?
Do Now:How accurately can you observe and describe the object viewed by microscope?
Homework:What are the major parts of the microscope?
Vocabulary:comparison,optical bridge,optical path,spectrophotometry.


Aim: Where does the individuality of each person’s handswriting come from?
Do Now:Copy the bold sentence from your motivation sheet and answer the questions.
Homework:What are the characteristics of one’s handwriting? Vocabulary:individuality,insignificant,clench,coarse.


Aim: How does a forensic scientist analyze suspect’s handwriting?
Do Now:What are you looking when you analyze fingerprints?
Homework:Describe how would you feel being buried alive?


Aim: What type of learning style do you use?
Do Now:Think about how you learn information in the classroom and as you study.Make a hypothesis to answer the question above.Write your hypothesis in your science Journal.
Homework:Answer the questions on your handout.


Aim: How important is to prevent terrorist to attack our country?
Do Now:What 3F stands for?Explain what are their plans?
Homework:Does a long prison sentence stop a terrorist compulsion to kill?
Vocabulary:terrorist,rein of terror,political activism,massacre.


Aim: How important is to compare voiceprints of the suspected terrorist?
Do Now:Compare the voiceprints provided to you and explain thow do you know who is the terrorist in this lab simulation?
Homework:What are the major methods used to look for voiceprint?
Vocabulary:agrarian,upheaval, dissonance,precursor.


Aim: What are the 3 types of handguns and how they differ?
Do Now:Explain the role of the cartridge?
Homework:What are the major parts of the cartridge?


Aim: What role does trace evidence play in the examination of tools and toolmark?
Do Now:Explain what is the best method of submitting an evidentiary toolmark for comparison.
Homework:Answer the questions on your handout.
Vocabulary: toolmark,intended toolmark,striated toolmark,firearm.