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Excerpts from “Truman Notes”

Dr. Dukagjin Binishi is a teacher of Science and a member of the Business Academy at Truman High School. Before working at Truman he worked as an anesthesiologist for I.M.C.-International Medical Corp, an organization from Los Angeles that aids people in refugee camps. During the refugee crisis in spring of 1999 he was based in Albania where he worked with the victims of the Serbian war.
Dr. Binishi came to the United States in 1995 in order to “pursue his daughter’s education.” His daughter is currently a 24 years old graduate from Fordham University, and is pursuing M.S. in Diplomacy, and MBA at Seton Hall University. He received a teaching degree from Mercy College and has been working at Truman for the past four years. His other degrees include a; Medical Degree from Pristina University, M. S. in Clinical Pharmacology from Zagreb University, and a Ph. D. in Public Health and Bioethics from Pristina University.
When asked about the difference between the educational system in Kosovo and that of the United States, Dr. Binishi explained that teachers in Kosovo are “more respected.” He also explained that the students in Kosovo work very hard for their education because “it is their only way out of poverty.”
Despite the contrast in the educational system, however, Dr. Binishi enjoys his job here and is a kind and patient teacher. He goes out of his way to help his students and appreciates both their strengths and weaknesses. He explained our student population by using the following quote by Richard Norm Patterson:
“A teenager’s act of defiance, however vexing or ill chosen are steps in the creation of an autonomous adult.”
Dr. Binishi is a consummate professional, who seems to believe that we are not only providing our students with content area material, but the strength and the discipline to succeed in life.