Department of Anesthesiology Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide state of the art anesthesia services to the Kosova community. These services are provided in an atmosphere committed to patient care, education and research.

In January 2000 Anesthesiology as a medical discipline at the Prishtina University Hospital marked the beginning of a new era in delivering health care with the establishment of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Management. The first Chairman and the founder of the department was Dukagjin Binishi, M.D., Ph.D., who initiated the policy of all-physician anesthesia and a strong commitment to research which has persisted to this day. During his chairmanship, the first phase of rebuilding program have been finished, including the modernization of the Anesthesiology Services and equipment in 25 operating rooms, including a new, modern 14 bed, state of the art Intensive Care Unit as adjacent to the newly open Emergency Department. This establishment is done with the help of Department for International Development from United Kingdom, and as a result of the rebuilding program, one of the largest hospital in the country has become one of the most modern. Highlights include advanced Emergency room and diagnostic services easily accessible to surgical suites; ambulatory sites adjacent to the operating suites; and new Cardiac Care Diagnostic Unit with advanced telemetry monitoring systems.

The practice of Anesthesiology at Prishtina University Hospital continues to grow, as evidenced in the development of new recognized subspecialties within our field. Today’s anesthesiologist works is not only in the operating room, but also in the intensive care unit and the labor and delivery suite. Anesthesiologists also play a prominent role in acute and chronic pain management, as well as in the preparation of patients for surgery.

We are strongly committed to maintaining residency programs capable of attracting trainees of the highest caliber, and to developing trainees to their greatest potential as anesthesiologists and pain physicians. The primary goal of our residency program is to ensure graduation of excellent clinical anesthesiologists with a broadly based experience who are able to confidently practice the art and science of anesthesiology. To assure that each resident receives a quality education, we look not only for individuals with an excellent educational background, but also with well-developed social skills. In a small program, team spirit and getting along with one’s peers are essential. At Prishtina University Hospital, the studying environment is second to none.